Transfer Transition Seminar (TTS)

CNAS Transfer


NASC 092: Transfer Transition Seminar  is  a 1-unit Seminar Course graded (S/NC), developed exclusively and specifically for incoming Community College transfer students in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Weekly 1-hour seminars will include topics on:

  • Learn about the Role of a Research University & Expectations for upper division courses as a transfer
  • Academic Advising – how to navigate the enrollment process and get your courses!
  • Resources & Recreation – discover all the opportunities and resources available, including where to have fun!
  • Research Engagement – Learn how to land a research position, and hopefully get paid!
  • Professional Development – Prepare for professional schools, job interviews, and competitive admissions
  • Collaborations with UCR Career Center, Health Professions Advising Center, Education Abroad, & many more!


Dates, Times & Location:

Three (3) course days & times to choose from!
  • Tuesdays 9:00 - 9:50 am
  • Wednesdays 3:00 - 3:50 pm
  • Thursdays 10:00 - 10:50 am
  • NASC 092: Transfer Transition Seminar meets once a week
  • Week 1: October 1, 2019 through Week 10: December 5, 2019


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