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CNAS STEM students new and returning are encouraged to register for the upcoming school year to stay connected and updated with all things STEM. 




The UCR STEM Connections Program in the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences provides support and advancement opportunities to students who are pursuing bachelor's degrees in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics [known as STEM] fields. Whether you are a prospective undergraduate, prospective transfer student, or a currently enrolled UCR student who fits the eligibility requirements, check us out! You'll see that STEM Connections has lots of programs tailored just for you.


History of Program
The University of California, Riverside was awarded two HSI-STEM grants funded by the Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) Program through the United States Department of Education. 
These grants aimed at increasing the number of Hispanic and low-income community college students transferring into the STEM fields at UC Riverside and to enhance support more generally for Hispanic and low-income students at UCR who are pursuing bachelor and advanced degrees in fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). UCR is also partnered with local community colleges to assist students in transferring to four-year universities and provide needed services to the surrounding communities.


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